Educational Excellence, Community, Diversity

Future Plans

We are hoping to expand our 6-8th charter to be a 6th-12th. Here is our vision for the High School program:

The Upper School will be 9th-12th grade. Block scheduling will continue, and classes and homework will become more rigorous. Students can expect one to two hours of homework per night.

All students will be supported in reaching Calculus by 12th grade. Students who embrace higher level mathematics will be able to complete A.P. Calculus AB or BC, while students who embrace challenges but are not inclined toward pursuing higher level math will have the option of A.P. Statistics.

Students will be encouraged to take part in our EARLY COLLEGE program that allows 11th and 12th graders to take college-level courses in a safe and supportive environment. Early College Students can take classes in a high school setting with a college professor (11th grade), or go in chaperoned groups to a nearby college. Early College allows students to challenge themselves and prepare for college while earning free credit towards college.

Early College replaces A.P. (and I.B.) with a far more rigorous curriculum, although there will still be A.P. classes as needed. Students often graduate Early College high schools with one or two years of college credits, making college that much more affordable and less intimidating.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE and ADVISORY programs and BLENDED LEARNING will continue from 9th through 12th grade.