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Thanksgiving Breakfast at The City School

Thanksgiving Breakfast at the City School 

By Megan Garringer

Imagine our parking lot of a school yard hosting over 100 people for a free breakfast. Chairs and tables are organized and thoughtfully set out, a long serving buffet offers food on the right, and free clothes and backpacks full of necessities lie on a tarp in the back. Everyone from kids volunteering to parents supervising to people in need are taking part in this amazing event. This is City’s Thanksgiving Breakfast for the Homeless.

This year on November 27, Mrs. Werner and City students held their second annual breakfast. Not only was there a greater showing of students willing to help, but the amount of people that we helped and fed rose, too. We had more food, more signs, and more jobs to be done, and that made for a rewarding and successful experience. I would honestly suggest to any student at City that this is an event worth participating in, if you can make it.

The City School does not require us to do or log volunteer or community service hours. This is partly because Mrs. Werner believes that we shouldn’t help our community because that is what we’re expected to do, but we should give a hand because we actually want to make our community a better place. She mentioned this at All School Meeting a few weeks ago, and it seemed to make a lot of students think. This breakfast on Thanksgiving was something that was not required of anyone, but it was made up of kids willing to work and make Thanksgiving a better day for more than a few people.

Set-up for the event was on the Wednesday before, so when we arrived at school on Thursday all we had to do was set out the food. With donated cupcakes, fruit, burritos, coffee, and more our meal was fit for anyone who might walk through City’s gates. It was so great to hear people’s appreciation for all that we had done, when really it was them who deserved to be thanked. Maybe it was just me, but seeing the way that our school had made these people happy was incredible and well worth getting to school at 6:00 AM. Every smile, every story, and every individual that came that day were greatly appreciated, and I am sure that this was an experience that no student involved will soon forget.

While some of the men, women, and children we helped were shy or didn’t want too much attention, some were more than eager to share their accounts of the world around them, and each story was different. City students who normally wouldn’t be talking were working together to make our guests feel at home. I remember thinking, this is really what Thanksgiving is about! I had a great time at this year’s Thanksgiving breakfast, and I will be more than happy to participate again next year. I think we did a great job, and the event would not have been the same if not for the hard-working students and Mrs. Werner’s encouragements and organization. In all, this year’s breakfast for the homeless had an even better turnout than last year, and I still had fun and left feeling rewarded and grateful.

Thank you to the stores and services who donated so generously to our Thanksgiving Breakfast for the Homeless and Needy!